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Here at American Web Pro have the ability to create edit and manipulate several forms of multimedia, from Adobe Flash, Premiere and After Effects to Editing & Filming actual footage with professional video & film industry equipment. Taking the controls in our post production editing suite centrally located here the Southern California's San Fernando Valley. Minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and moments away from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Flash & PowerPoint We also have the ability to create custom Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, designed specially for your quarterly meeting or board of directors meeting or your multimillion dollar sales deal. Where everything has to be cutting edge one step above your competitors or just nothing short of sensational for the owner of your corporation. We have the staff, tools and means to give you exceptional slides designed specifically for your presentation and corporation.

Multimedia & Post Production Film Editing

We have developed exclusive Digital Synchronization© technology, which allows us to create a presentation CD that plays much like a movie. Your client simply inserts the CD in their computer and sits back to watch. Your presentation is shown from start to finish without the need for user interaction. This is perfect for most sales presentations where it is important to deliver a complete and consistent message.


Our exclusive Direct-Link© technology has been developed to allow viewers to connect directly to your website from within the interactive CD-ROM presentation. Imagine having a company profile CD that automatically retrieves your latest press releases, or a CD-ROM catalog that offers your customers the option of immediate on-line ordering! With the flexibility of HTML and XML the possibilities for this technology are endless.


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Interactive Media

American Web Pro uses several exciting technologies that get the viewer more involved in your CD or website. Media elements such as QuickTime™ VR, Flash™, and Shockwave®, give viewers the chance to interact instead of just watch.

Interactive Music

Big sound, small size. Beatnik®, Authoring provides interactive audio technology that lets anyone communicate with music and sound on the web and in a digital world. Beatnik delivers high-quality, low-bandwidth interactive music and sound effects into HTML & DHTML web pages, Flash & Shockwave projects, and mixing applications.

Flash and Shockwave

Flash and Shockwave extend the capabilities of web pages and make them a full interactive experience. By combining graphics, sound, and animation, these technologies create streaming, interactive content. Even multi-user content can be developed, connecting users from around the world. With advanced animation and sophisticated user interaction, American Web Pro uses these tools to greatly enhance your web site, and your visitor's experience.


QuickTime™ VR immerses the viewer in a 360- degree picture. With a simple move of the mouse, they can rotate their view, just as if they were really there. This makes it easy to present a tour of a home or ballpark for example. QuickTime VR can also be used for interactive animations, which is a great way to show how equipment operates or how a product is assembled. QuickTime VR interactive movies depict objects that can be "handled", turned, tilted, and spun so you can see them from every angle. Interactive movies are great for displaying retail items on the web or for allowing virtual manipulation. For example, the front view of a car could show the hood opening to reveal the engine. Hotspots can also link to URLs, media files or even video clips and animation. QuickTime VR has virtually limitless possibilities that can be used to enhance your project.


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Utilizing the industry's most advanced software, our 3D design professionals turn ideas into reality. American Web Pro can create images of products that are still on the drawing board. We can create animations that demonstrate a product's assembly and operation or fly through of any type of environment - whether it is real or imagined.

3D imaging and animation is an exciting way to communicate, and a sure way to capture the audience's attention. It is just one of the elements American Web Pro uses to create the most powerful marketing tools available.

Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D scenes give you more flexibility than ever before. The viewer can see your product from any angle, open its doors, or even operate it. The product can be viewed under different lighting conditions or with various accessories. The marketing and communication potential for this technology is endless, and American Web Pro delivers it all.


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American Web Pro

American Web Pro

Multimedia FX That will amaze you.

Whether it is for tape, web, CD-ROM, or DVD, American Web Pro can handle all of your video production needs. American Web Pro also has the ability to shoot either on location, or in our studio. Our video production department is fully equipped to handle your entire project, from training videos to marketing material. We have a wide array of talent to meet your requirements, including voice-overs and creating cinematic extravaganzas. AWP also offers full production support, including everything from directors to grips, ensures your project is professionally produced, from start to finish.


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